Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some plans for the future....

Thought I would drop in and let y'all know what I have up my sleeve for the future of this blog. I want to do a series called " Getting Started and beyond" I know Linda has allready given you a taste of what to expect ( A Brush With Friends) but I will be covering that from my crazy point of view as well. I really want to do a video type thing for using a scroll saw but I have a messed up USB cord for my camera so not too sure that will come to pass.

Right now I've got 3 lessons/post lined up. " So you want to paint",,,Do I really need all that!!!",,,and " Business or just a Hobby". Knowing the way I chatter on sometimes these will likely be a bit long but hopefully not too boring. I will likely forget something important even though I'm writting it all down so if you have any questions or a suggestion you want to pass along please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to see it's anwswered/addressed. I do want to stress that I am not a pro. I haven't had any formal training and anything I pass along will be things that I have learned along the way. I have been painting/cutting wood for over 20 yrs so I do know a little about things!!!

Not sure when I will start this series but aiming for this weekend as the first one. Until then why not hop on over to A Brush with friends and find out where you can get a free pattern and a quick tutorial on the basics. By the time you get back here you may allready be well on your way to a new and addicting hobby!!!

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  1. That's wonderful that you are going to post tutorials. You are so organized to be writing everything down, wish I were that organized, I just write along as I go. I'll be looking forward to you posting your tuts. I can't do the stairs right now as I hurt my foot, so my painting project has to wait for a wee bit, but I hope to get back to it soon.