Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here I Go Again!!!

Trying to set up another blog that is!!!! I can not for the life of me figure things like this out. Thankfully I haven't managed to wipe out the computer while doing so but stranger things have happen so I won't cross that off my to do list.

This new blog will showcase my woodcraft painting as well as those items from NorthernStarCa (and anyone else who wants to join us). She will have tons of painting links on her blog (http://abrushwithfriends.blogspot.com/) and who knows what else. You will just have to check it out once she gets rolling.

As for me- I use to be able to draw and paint anything that was put in front in front of me. My classmates hated me in art class. In fact when we moved back to Ohio in 2001 I ran into an old classmate and that was the first thing out of her mouth-"Can you still draw like you use to?" The answer to that is NO. Back in 1979 we had a fire and it wiped out my entire art portfolio and all my supplies. ( not to mention everything we owned) It just blew me apart and I refused to pick up a pencil or drawing tool again. Fast forward to the future--1985 and a craft show in Angleton, Texas. I had entered this show doing only cross stitch and plastic canvas. I did allright in sales but then I started looking around and seeing all these wonderful woodcraft things and saying to myself I can paint like that and it should cost alot less than needlework stuff. Boy was I in for a shocker. By the time I got the scroll saw ( son paid half), all the paints and books I probably had a few hundred dollars invested. And that was just the first year!!!! My next step was to learn to paint. I was very lucky to have someone coach me for a few weeks . She never once giggled or condemned me and only offered encouragement. Finally I was on my own.

My first pieces were-well lets just say that had I been the customer I wouldn't have touched them with a ten foot pole! But would you believe I sold all 25 of them!!! Plus some ornaments and other things I had. I was in Painters heaven. I managed to make enough money to buy a bus ticket to Ohio so I could visit my mom.

While I do use patterns I always paint my own way. My favorite designer is Renee Mullins. She makes the cutest things -from ornaments to bigger pieces. I think I have seen more of her work at the shows than any other designer out there and it never fails to sell--even if you paint like I do.

Now while I've come a long ways from those early pieces I still have alot to learn . I hope you will try your hand at painting. I always tell people that if you can color a coloring page you can paint with paint!!! OOOh maybe you have to have some extra talent whenever you shade or detail but then that's what Sharpie markers are for.

Why not tell us your story. How did you get started in painting? Are you self-taught or born with that wonderful talent? Do you sell your stuff or just make it for fun and family? We would love to hear from you.

I hope you will enjoy this new blog as well as A Brush with Friends.

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