Friday, September 17, 2010

Some ornaments

Here are a few of the current things I've been working on. As you might be able to tell I like adding texture to my creations. Whether it be layers, decorative snow or clear fabric paint. I think adding that texture gives your item an entirely new look--plus if you make a booboo and don't want to throw out the entire thing the snowtex helps cover those places and none will ever know!!! (Don't have a hearattack Linda!!!!). I also add some thin wire ,bells and/or trinkets. The first couple years I only added these to some special pieces but the customers really started asking for them so now ALL the ornaments get bells .

My favorite designer is Renee Mullins.( The bottom 2 birds are her designs). She creates and paints the most adorable things plus they aren't all that hard to copy. I can't add all the fine detailing like she does but let me tell ya her designs sell out at the craft shows.

Since my brain isn't working too proper ( sinus or allergies making me feel bad) -and I have to keep retyping things I think I will just end with this. I will try to get back in a few days with more and maybe some tips and things I've learned along the way.

Have a great day and try something new--but keep it legal!!--- , you might just find that you like it.


  1. Your ornaments are adorable! First Markie pens and now Snowtex for boo boos.....what next? LOL Hey, if it works and you're happy and having fun that is all that matters. So many wonderful designs to paint, so little time. Hope you feel better soon.
    Linda (NorthernStarCa)

  2. Your ornaments are beautiful! Reminds me of ornaments from back in the 1980's